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Are Your Blog Posts Just Cyber Garbage?

December 4, 2010

Are Your Blog Posts Just Cyber Garbage?

As I sit here with a newly found determination to blog my way to 100,000 points on Active Rain, I am suddenly hit with a philosophical question. Are real estate blogs creating a “litter-net?” Now when I am blogging about local market information, I definitely feel that I am adding value. In fact, many times I am publishing information that is completely unavailable online. But, what about other topics? Have you tried to do research on general topics like government loan programs, recently enacted real estate legislation or appraisal issues, lately? Inevitably, you are bombarded by a plethora of bogus websites from lead generators and blog posts from eager Realtors. Some of the information is useful, some is superficial and glib, and some is flat out wrong or misleading. Often when I attempt to find an appropriate link on a real estate issue, I have to go to page 3 or 4 to do it. Many times, the information from the “real” authorities gets buried. So when we advertise and blog for commercial purposes with the goal of being at the top of google, are we doing a disservice to the internet, to the search function, to neither or to both?

I know we all also complain that consumers come to us with a bunch of inaccurate information about listings, asking prices and the availability of homes — that is just a part of the new internet age. But are we contributing to the misinformation with internet litter? Does creating a facebook page for every listing we have ever had help our collective situation? Have you ever tried to remove some of this stuff? It’s virtually (no pun intended), impossible. Remember when your local paper became more ads than content? For me, that was about when I stopped paying to receive it, and eventually I stopped looking at it altogether. If you don’t understand what I mean, try using another search engine exclusively for a week and you will not only have a renewed appreciation for google and what it does, but you may also be able see why – if those other lesser search engines were the only option — people would not believe that search was the way to find what they needed online.

I am old enough to remember when you couldn’t search for anything on the internet, at least and hope to find it.
The internet at that time was like a puppy. Lots of fun, but you had to put a lot of work into it to make it do something truly useful. Back then, you pretty much needed to know where you were going, or you needed a guide. Google made the internet useful in an unbelievable new way. You could actually find what you needed, without a guide and quickly. Given the popularity of blogging, etc. – it leads me to ask the question – will the day come that the internet is so chocked full of cyber garbage that consumers will abandon search as a resource?

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