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Pilates Doctor in Old Orcutt

November 16, 2010

Have you heard of the Pilates Doctor in Old Orcutt?

Jackie Cabalka, is not just a Pilates expert, but she is also a doctor of physical therapy with years of experience and training in her profession.  Pilates Doctor Physical Therapy is her own studio where she works  in a private environment to rehabilitate and encourage clients.  I have been going to Jackie for over two years.  Initially, I went to her for physical therapy, but I continued because I saw such an improvement in my balance and posture.  Also, I was at the point where I really didn’t enjoy weight training any longer.  Pilates feels more natural and you get such a great stretch for your whole body.  I am definitely hooked.  I must admit I do not enjoy exercise classes either; working one on one with Jackie is a more enjoyable experience and keeps me going back.  She also offers sessions that you could take with a buddy and split the cost.  Give her a call if you have an interest (805) 934-6609.

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